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Explore a whole new world with Furry World

Furry World is a sandbox multiplayer social game that takes place in a world full of anthropomorphic animals. Explore the world and interact with other people, customize your furry character and participate in fun activities.

New updates, games and character improvements planned as funds are available.

Discover a world of fun and adventure


The Furry World is full of different places to explore and secrets to be found!


Change your fur and eye color to create a unique look!


Test your fishing skills against yourself or other players!

Furry World is still under development and,  although the game is currently open to anyone that wishes to play it, we want to  improve it by adding new customization options, activities to participate and levels to explore. If you wish to support our development and see the game evolve, please consider donating on itch.io and sharing the project with your friends!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
AuthorFurry World
TagsCasual, Furry, Multiplayer, Open World


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Furry World - Launcher for macOS (alpha) 31 MB
Version 1
Furry World - Launcher for windows (alpha) 28 MB
Version 1
Furry World Package - Installer for macOS (alpha) 30 MB
Furry World Setup - Installer for windows (alpha) 20 MB


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absolute garbage :)

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Just ran around, saw only 2 'seller' NPC and the second one didn't pay me when I sold a fish.  Can't see myself trying to play again.  Aside from fishing I don't see anything to do?


i could ask and say why the bodies of those furies is so ugly , please broly make some beauty homosexual feminine males because someone said is for homos so please i want to enjoy me too, thanks for reading 


💋great game but weird legs they give me chicken legs 💀💀


for gay people


yea maby some furries are weird but dont hate them its just another team of ppl with same hobby <3


hun why u toxic to them for no reason like girl they didnt do nothin 2 u why u even bothering them?


maybe but is too ugly the bodies from my opinion and dont look like for homosexuals 


Well, a lot of gay guys like beefy looking dudes. May not be your cup of Earl Grey, but personally I think the top half looks fine. The bottom half looks as though he's forgotten the lube before an all-night marathon the previous evening.


oh yea i enjoy fat ass too as a homosexual , i was sayng that that character is not homosexual the way it look as if they are ashame to make him beauty and cute and feminine to be alot fuckable , entire males history is in long hair and skirts and long dreses even with cosmetics at eye the ones in pyramid was having at eye cosmetics 10.000 years in past so from us the cosmetics started and was not even for females 


reduce imput lag, more variety of character creation such as different color areas and maybe add markings and some more species to choose fro

im just a meatball


obliterate these twinks... NOW

Deleted 172 days ago

you give toxic mill

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A good game and tempting, but alas, I can’t open the graphics settings, which is why the game freezes a lot… Notebook specifications where I tested the game: Model: Asus k52jc; Processor: Intel core i3 380m (2.53GHz; Video: NVidia GeForce 310m 1Gb; RAM: 8Gb.

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Hello and Merry Xmas (one day later, sorry ^^') !

I just wonder how's the development going. Also, I tried to contact the Discord server owner in private, because I have a few questions that I don't feel to ask here (expect for why do we need to pay 2$ for the game now*, but I digress).

*Not anymore

Anyways, I hope the game development is still going well ! I'm waiting for a response on Discord (my name is Furrican, by the way).


i have sent a response to you in discord

Deleted 341 days ago

Keo217 yes



why is this what i see when i open up the multiplayer section


WHY. just.. why

umm hi i tried to register an account and it says "Invalid Input Parameters"

what am i doing wrong?


Can i have help. I really want to play this but when i download the two files and install the launcher and open it. The launcher is fully functional but the play button is greyed out and the loading bar is stuck at 0.00 GB/0.00 GB. Did a install it wrong? Plz help

Did you ever find a solution? Maybe antivirus was picking it up, or a bad install location?

Estou a ter sérios problemas com o jogo. No launcher, parou a partir dos 50% de carregamento e quando tentei extrair a pasta zip do jogo novamente, o meu computador simplesmente apagava o launcher por causa do antivírus; no instalador, também não funcionava por causa do antivírus./I'm having serious problems with the game. In the launcher, it stopped from 50% of loading and when I tried to extract the game's zip folder again, my computer simply deleted the launcher because of the antivirus; in the installer, it also didn't work because of the antivirus.

linux port when?


Furikan Thanks for the documents. I downloaded them and deleted the post not realizing that would make me unable to respond. It will take me a couple days to review them.

Alrighty then ! If you want to respond to me concerning my documents, contact me at furricanthewolf@gmail.com

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Hello !

I'm here to wonder if you have taken a look at my documents ? If so, can you respond to me either here or at my address ?

Thanks for answering !

Deleted post


Legs look weird... Like he's waddling around because he has either a sore ass, sore genitals or both...


I actually agree,but it costs more than I have to fix it right now 😩

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Decided to give this version of the game a try and it was very good overall but i found some issues, here is the list of some of the issues I found: 1. quite noticeable input delay 2. if there is any connection dropouts with the server you wont be able to where you are moving but on the server you a still moving so when you recover connection you get teleported a few meters 3. I sometimes found some holes in the terrain this one of them on this screenshot.

Possible solutions for these issues:

problem 1 and 2: show the moves on pc before the packets are sent to the server to show that you moved instead of showing them after the server has received  the packets and sent them back to you pc.

Problem 3: carefully check for holes on the current map and when building new map sections.

Very reccomended features to add in the future for this game:

1.  More options for character edition, with the current options there are only 36 possible different characters

2.  Add a section that show what are the controls in the game its pretty unnecessary to spend like 20 minutes pressing random keys until it does something


Played this game last, gave feedback and somethings you could add! (9:58)


Thank you so much. I have subscribed to your channel. I hope you hit all your milestone goals. Come visit us again soon. New updates are coming and the team is fixing bugs this week.

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Hello !

I finally got the game to work. So I tested it and I had discovered a bunch of things. I had a pretty fun time trying to visiting different places. I didn't met anyone, but that's fine.

I know that this game is on alpha state, but I found a few issues while testing it, such as the settings menu don't do anything other than exiting the game and the controls not explained.

In any case, I hope that this game would have a great experience, because I see a lot of potential about it (I have a bunch of ideas popping in my head ^^').

If you'd like to get any ideas and advice about this game, I can give you some, either a lot or a few of your liking. I can also help for finding glitches if possible.

Also, I managed to get to the arch !


Thanks for the feedback. We are aware we have several bugs to fix and hope to release the fix this week. I would welcome your ideas and suggestions. Im glad to hear you are enjoying the game and are excited for the concept

I hope you will share your experiences and ideas of how we can build a more engaging furry community.

Congratulations on reaching the arch!


Hello !

I really want to play this game, but unfortunately, after creating an account, there's a loading screen that is so long that I just gave up.

I don't know if this has to be with the fact that I have slow Internet connectivity, but I wish something can be done with this.

If I can play this game for good, I can give my thoughts about it. And it's a shame that I can't do that.


Sorry you are having difficulty. In testing, the team has identified a few bugs in the gameplay and are working to fix them. We hope the problems will be resolved by the end of the week. Thank you for your input. I hope this solves your loading problem.


is it normal for the game to be loading infinitly?




blue hell

I remember there's a similar game but with felines, I think. Just can't seem to remember it's name and where the page is..

Deleted 1 year ago

How do you get to the bridge? Also, how do you fish? I'm very invested.

To get to the bridge go through the swamp to the temple ruins and climb up them  to find the bridge. To fish go near the water, click and wait for a fish to spawn, then click and hold and click the a and d buttons to try to keep the dot centered.


The team is currently working on fixing the play issues. We apologize for the inconvenience.😞

cant wait for please keep posteed i enjoy the game very much

Hi there! Any word on when this will be updated? I'm really excited!

How do I get on the bridge like the screencap? please help

To get to the bridge go through the swamp to the temple ruins and climb up them  to find the bridge

thank you!!

I can't figure out how to actually play the game. The play button does nothing and the lobbies button does nothing either.

I have been having the same issue as above, and I'd like to add the buttons in the Settings menu (Video, Sound, Controls) do not do anything either.

It first was the same for me. After starting the launcher as Admin (Windows) it was able to pull the files it needed. (Seems to be an issue with 'C:\Program Files(x86)' and the permission that is needed for that path)

my comment is a bit out of date. after they released an actual launcher for the game, it worked